Hello team iron, we really hope you are liking our new website! It is now more aesthetic and streamlined than ever!

We have a whole heap of new products launching this week - Orion X and Titan have finally dropped, you won't train in another set of shoes after stepping foot into these!

We are also restocking our 10mm & 13mm lever belts and they are at the tail end of production for those patiently waiting. To view the collection, click here

Also restocked will be:


- Wrist & Knee Wraps

- Knee Sleeves & Elbow Sleeves

- Single prong, olympic and quick release belts

- Womens gym belts

- Arm blasters / bicep bombers.

Stay tuned, we also have more gym vests / tank tops in production!


Best regards,
Team Iron



November 06, 2015 — Iron Tanks

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