Hello all, firstly, thank you for your patience. Shortly, our belts will return in stock for those who were waiting. All sizes in lever and quick release will be available.


We are also adding 2 new styles - a single prong belt, a 2" bench belt, and an iron cast 36" wrist wrap variety. Not to mention, a new set of power lifting knee and elbow sleeves.

Our leather gym gloves will see to new additions for the men and womens - photos up soon!


Wraps and straps are bolstered with the introduction of a super heavy 2.5 metre knee variety.


On the apparel front, we've got some nice stuff in the works - a basketball jersey inspired top, some new gym/training shorts and our military gym tee receives an overhaul!


Lastly, our footwear range will expand to womens and the mens will receive a new colour.

Stay tuned!


Iron Tanks Gym & Fitness

September 09, 2014 — Sam Monea

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