We are often asked about our different tank tops and styles. So each week we aim to have a fresh news or blog post about our gear. Whether it's describing the cut of of a garment, its fabric, or a tutorial on how to use your new weightlifting belt - we've got you covered.

So, in our range we have a few different cuts of singlets. See below.

Alpha T-Back Singlet


N1 Classic T-Back Singlet

Marauder Stringer Singlet

Black Marauder Stringer Tank Top


Alpha Muscle Singlet


Iron Muscle Vest





So what are the differences here? All feature our super comfortable 180gsm cotton fabric. But each cut slightly differs. The N1 Classic featured first is a traditional t-back singlet. It covers a little more of your chest up while still revealing your back musculature nicely. A popular choice in our range, great all rounder.

Next up is our men's Marauder gym singlet / vest. This is another classic - and featured heavily in the 70's and 80's - super revealing cut, stringer straps and shows of as much of your hard work as possible. It is known as a y-back for the shape the rear portion makes at the upper back. The marauder is the most revealing singlet in our range.

Last, another popular singlet - The Iron Muscle tank. These are popular throughout the decades, they're just a good workout tank top full stop. Super comfortable, loose fitting and bold.

Whatever your choice, you can't go wrong. They are all equally great - and which you choose comes down to your style and personal preference.

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