We are often asked "What wraps/straps" should I get?

weightlifting wraps

For starters it is best we differentiate between the two. A wrap is used for support (knee's, elbows or wrists). A strap is typically used to wrap around a barbell, dumbbell or a bar like that from a lat pull down machine. These aid with grip. For example, when deadlifting you might find your grip fatigues before the muscle you are training does.

In this case, a strap will allow you to complete more repetitions than you would without. If you're not training for grip strength, and doing high volume - a strap can definitely come in handy and help you overload the musculature you're looking to train.

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A wrap on the other hand - a wrap will offer a joint additional support while under load. You might find your wrists are taking a beating, this is where a wrap can help. Similarly, the knee wrap keeps the knee joint warm and also provides some "bounce" out of the hole (this is a term used by lifters, where you get a little rebound out of the lowest portion of a squat).

Wraps come in various denures (stiffness) as well as length. The two attributes combined will determine how much support you get.

Our wraps start at 18" (45cm) and go all the way to 36" (90cm). They come in 4 various stiffness grades:



Ironclad (Super heavy)

Brutal (2x Super heavy)

Juggernaut (3x Super heavy)


Typically most people find the heavy or ironclad (super heavy) wrap ample. They provide a great amount of support. The heavy are also a great wrap for squats, when your wrists are taking a beating from heavy back squats.

The brutal and juggernaut wraps are much stiffer than the former. If you're doing a lot of heavy lifting particularly in the lower rep ranges, then you might want to make the investment in a stiffer pair of wraps. Tread with caution, these are stiff and will provide your joints with a cast like support.

We find most people are now using 2 of our wraps for various types of training. This is a good idea. But, if you only wish to invest in one pair of wrist wraps, then we would suggest the Iron clad wrap as it's the best "all-rounder".

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Happy lifting team Iron!

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