We have had several queries over the last few weeks with regards to our wrist wraps, and how they can be applied and used. Whether you're into bodybuilding, weightlifting or powerlifting - or even an amateur up & comer - wrist wraps can provide you with some additional wrist support throughout your training.

Our wrist wraps are available in an 18" length, constructed from a durable elasticated cotton - which is a 'medium' on the stiffness range.

Contrary to popular belief, wrist wraps have not much to do with grip strength (as seen on various articles across the web!). Wrist wraps should be used on pushing movements, such as pressing - when the wrist is placed under a lot of duress. Their application is quite simple, first feeding your thumb through the loop, then wrapping across your hand and around your wrist to form a "cast" like structure around your wrist.

So you might ask, when should one use wrist wraps? Typically, you should not use wrist wraps on your lighter weight working sets. You will only weaken your wrist and allow your wraps to take the brunt of the weight - wraps are supposed to be used as a support, not a crutch for inadequacies.

As your working sets get a lot heavier, wrist wraps help prevent excessive hyper extension of the wrist - while keeping everything around the wrist joint nice and firm. The wrists are a packed up anatomical area with a lot of ligaments, nerves and bones - which is why a lot of people often find they have issues such as carpal tunnel, arthritis, ganglion cysts etc. Take a look at the picture below which shows the dorsal (outer) view of the wrist - a lot of little bones!


dorsal (outer) view of the wrist

One thing to avoid with wrist wraps is wearing them tight between sets. Always make sure you loosen them between your heavy sets and re adjust them tightly when you're ready to go again.

You can view our wrist wraps right here

They are available in 3 colours - we'll soon have 24" available for the bigger boys!


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