Established in 2010 out of Melbourne, Australia – Iron Tanks® Gym Gear has grown from humble beginnings to become a global pioneer of premium gym wear, footwear and lifting accessories.

We are a dedicated group of people with a passion for exercise science and all things training. We consider ourselves the hardest workers in the room who pay attention to the finer details. 

Whatever your chosen sporting niche, whether it be bodybuilding, powerlifting or simply making your first steps into the gym - the Iron Tanks range is built tough to outlast. Our goal is to fuse functionality, performance and aesthetic in all of our products to offer a powerful synergy throughout those gruelling training sessions.

We spend thousands of hours designing, refining and tweaking products—using only the finest materials—to provide gym gear that is simply unmatched in quality and durability.

We are chasing our dreams. We believe in doing good and being the best you possibly can be. We will leave nothing on the table in our pursuit of being the best. We are proudly 100% Australian owned and we especially value your continued support!



At Iron Tanks, we wish to inspire and take your training to the next level. We seek to do this by providing you with apparel and heavy duty accessories that are built tough to match your intensity—while also adding important functionality to your fitness lifestyle.

From the dedicated bodybuilder or the seasoned powerlifter, to even the novice gym-goer making their very first steps—we seek to unite one and all through a brand designed for you.

Our aim is to continually push the envelope through the innovation of cutting-edge, high quality garments and accessories that are aesthetically appealing and built to last.

We believe feeling strong is feeling good—and feeling good is happiness.

Our mission in essence, is happiness through strength and fitness.

Sam Monea

Founder | Iron Tanks Gym Gear