Today we wanted to discuss yet another question we get regularly.

What belt do I buy? 10mm, 13mm, quick release, single prong, olympic, neoprene? We get these questions quite a lot.

So we're going to break the belts up in 3 categories. 1. Lever Belts 2. Quick Release/Single Prong. 3. Bodybuilding, Neoprene & Olympic Belts.

1. Lever Weightlifting Belts - From our range, these belts are our most popular. They look good, they feel good. They're made from a nice, stiff, cowhide leather. They come with our ever popular "Tank" lever buckle, the strongest we currently know of. These are a sturdy, heavy duty lifting belt made for serious lifters. They have great longevity and are a good long term investment.

Black Lever Weightlifting Belts


They come in 10mm and 13mm (which is the thickness of the belt). The lever belts in our range are also 100% IPF approved. So, 10 or 13mm? It comes down to personal preference. Some don't like the brutality of the 13mm and prefer the 10mm which is super supportive in it's own right. If you are after a ridiculous amount of support, 13mm is the way to go - just be prepared to be a little uncomfortable until you break it in.


2. Quick Release & Single Prong Powerlifting Belt - These belts are another great option for those not wanting to outlay for the lever variety, and not thinking of competing (in the IPF anyway - these are still a great belt for high end lifters). The leather is just as tough as our lever variety. Super supportive, tough and rugged. The differences lay in the mechanism which is personal preference!


weightlifting belt


3. Bodybuilding, Neoprene & Olympic Belts - while these belts typically offer less support than the lever and quick release variety, they are still very useful. Many people opt for this belt if comfort is king. Out of the box they are easy to wear, and super comfortable. They are typically thinner and less rigid than the former 2 - but they are still supportive enough. Those starting out, or wanting just an additional layer of support find this type of belt very useful. These type of lifting belts aren't as brutal as the former two. Typically even professional bodybuilders will opt for a contoured belt for comfort and versatility.


gym belt

So there you have it, many options for various people. If you'd like to know what belt is best for you, just get in touch and we'll be able to guide you! Head on over to for additional help!




November 30, 2015 — Iron Tanks

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