Activewear has not only become a wardrobe essential for gym junkies but has become a staple for the fashion-conscious.

With so many styles, options and brands to choose from today, it can easily become overwhelming to try and choose from the right workout gear that will actually enhance your workout and the items that will slow down your routine.

Although there are some that may argue that you can achieve the same results in the gym with an old t-shirt and shorts, these items may not be the best option to enhance your workout and help you reach your maximum potential.

Gym Wear

Here are the top benefits of wearing the right workout gear, in and out of the gym:

Comfort and a complete range of motion:

Ensuring that the activewear that you wear while working out is the right fit will not only prevent painful chafing and skin irritations but will also not restrict your range of movement.

Wearing loose clothing to the gym will not only not help you look and feel your best while sculpting your body, but these loose items can easily get caught in the equipment becoming a serious hazard.

On the other hand, clothing that is too tight can cut off blood flow and restrict your range of movement, not allowing you to make the most of your time at the gym.

When looking for the right workout gear, choose items that are expandable, such as Lycra as they allow for a large range of motion whilst still remaining comfortable, no matter your choice of activity, whether it be running, yoga or working on your physique with a heavy lifting session.  

If you are after workout leggings that fit better than a glove, allows for a full range of motion and makes you feel like you look your best, then the Climaxx Leggings in Insidious Black from Iron Tanks are the activewear leggings that will instantly become a favourite in your collection.

These leggings not only flawlessly flaunt your figure, but they enhance your performance at the gym.

They feature performance compression technology, are made from a specialised moisture-wicking fabric but and offer super circulations for a speedy recovery, all while not compromising on fashion making you workout ready!

Moisture-wicking abilities:

When you’re working hard at the gym, that last thing you want to wear is an old cotton tee that absorbs all of the moisture from your body, leaving you feeling wet with a top that is heavy and clings to all of the wrong places.

You want to choose items of clothing that have moisture wicking properties. This is when the material draws the moisture away from the body, moving it to the outside of the fabric, leaving you cool, dry and able to focus solely on how many reps you can lift and pushing your body to new limits.

Not only that, but workout items that have moisture wicking abilities will keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter - you can get the best of both worlds!

Firm support:

Workout gear that offers the right support, especially for the ladies who are dedicated to pushing their bodies to new limits, is crucial for those high-intensity exercises.

Finding a sports bra that offers great support can help you to improve your form and reduce back pain caused by chest bounces.

If you are looking for the best sports bra that offers unmatched support and style, then Iron Tanks have you covered.

Support for your body starts with your bra! Even the most low-impact training sessions can become extremely painful and uncomfortable if you are not wearing a bra that offers the right support.

The Climax Sports Bra from Iron Tanks has compression technology, moisture-wicking properties, increases blood flow and is extremely durable to last through even the most gruelling cardio sessions.

The front zipper design of this sports bar makes it simple to take on and off and the form-fitting, sexy design is made to enhance your womanly curves.

Visibility and safety:

Being able to be seen is especially important if your workouts happen outside of the gym and you start your session before the sunrise, at night, or along dim lit routes

Ensure your safety by wearing items of workout clothing that is bright and has reflective properties and to be considerate of the safety of other road users.

Remember, it is critical that you are seen the next time you go for a bike ride at twilight.

Improves blood circulation and improves post-recovery:

When you're working hard at the gym and burning off those calories, your blood works hard to pump oxygen to your muscles, creating a buildup of lactic acid. This is one of the main causes of pain, fatigue and cramping during a workout.

However, due to the creation of innovative fabrics that have been expertly engineered, compression technology materials enhance your performance at the gym with superior circulation and speedy recovery times due to the reduction of lactic acid build up.

It has been scientifically proven that compression workout items will assist in improving performance and muscle recovery. This not only provides your muscles and joints with an extra layer of support, but they can reduce the number of micro tears to muscles and may even prevent injuries that are correlated with sudden movements that happen during exercise.

There are two main types of compression abilities that these items can provide. Graduated compression items are tighter on your limbs to aid in increasing blood flow back to the core of your body while you work out.

Compartmental compression is items that are the only tiger in certain areas of the body and these items are usually better suited for specific activities, such as cycling.

Prevent injury:

Choosing items of workout gear that are suited to the type of activity or workout that you are performing is extremely important to give your body the best chance to look after itself and prevents you from incurring serious injury.

Workout gear isn't only reserved for an item of clothing, but your feet deserve the same amount of attention and care. Wearing shoes that are not appropriate for your choice of activity or shoes that don't have the right fit can cause painful blisters and even cause sprains and cramps.

For the bodybuilding junkie that wants to take his training to the next level and push his body to lift heavier weights, Iron Tanks introduce the Orion V4 Gym Shoe. This gym shoe features a high top and is made of the best quality suede leather.


It also features a specialised ‘Oxford Titanium Mesh’ that allows for greater breathability. This shoe is ideal for exercises that require a flat sole, such as squats, deadlifts and leg presses. The flat and incompressible 3.8mm outer sole allows for maximum surface contact and stability to improve the performance of your workouts.


Having a workout wardrobe full of items that not only look great but won't break the bank isn't an impossible feat.

The entire range of workout and bodybuilding clothing and accessory items from Iron Tanks made from only the highest quality and best performance enhancing fabrics and all come with a money back guarantee so you can purchase with peace of mind.


Protection from the elements:

For those that love to exercise outdoors, it is important to wear workout gear that can protect you from the elements.

Layering up on your items when working out outside is especially important on cold mornings, and being able to keep your body warm during a workout is essential to help you gain optimum results.

Pulling a muscle or causing strain on your body is easy when you haven't kept your body and muscles warm prior to a workout. One small injury can lead to other, more threatening injuries and can prevent you from working out harder at the gym the next day.  

The range of jumpers and hoodies from Iron Tanks have options in both traditional designs and sleeveless options that have not only been designed to be aesthetically pleasing but are extremely comfortable and still allow for a full range of motion.

With items that can protect your body from the sun, that prevents the harsh cold wind from passing through and keeps water off your body, you are able to focus on your workout and reaching new limits.

Wearing the right workout items can not only make you look and feel your best, but they can enhance your workout to inspire you to work harder and achieve the best results at the end of your workout session.

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